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Freelancers Rejoice!

This is an affiliate-sponsored post. I may also receive a small commission if you click on one of these links, at no additional cost to you. These help keep my blog up and running. Thank you!

I've shared my love of Freshbooks before, but they have a fantastic new feature that makes their service even more valuable to freelancers. I'll tell you  more about that in a minute.

What is Freshbooks? It's an invoicing and accounting software for anyone who routinely sends invoices (like myself, for my freelance writing/photography/styling) or tracks expenses and/or time for clients. Sure, you could make an invoice template yourself and track everything yourself. Why waste that much time? Why bury your head in a spreadsheet for hours at a time? Sure, you can send invoices through PayPal, but is that really professional? I love Freshbooks for so many reasons, but the first is that the invoices look top-notch professional, and are easily trackable. You can even track your time to add to the invoice IN Freshbooks itself. You can even take credit card payments directly through the email invoice...and clients who can pay by credit card tend to pay MUCH faster (Freshbooks says 11 days faster...that's more than 2 business weeks!). Can you automate this? Yes.

When it comes to tracking expenses, Freshbooks couldn't make it any easier for you. Use your phone to snap a photo of a receipt, log it, and it stores it in the cloud until tax time for you (which they make SO easy). You can even mark certain receipts as billable to certain clients or projects. Can you import bank transactions to make logging credit card purchases more efficient? YES. Can you bill a client in a different currency? YES. Freshbooks makes it all so easy, you guys.

All of your double-entry accounting needs are covered, too, so you don't need Freshbooks plus another app or software. You can keep all your P&Ls, COGs, CAs, BSs (that's Balance Sheets ;)), and you can even give your accountant direct access come tax time.

So now that you're already sold, let me just put a little cherry on top for you. Freshbooks just released a new feature: Retainers! No, not the kind you put in your mouth. Here's what Freshbooks can do for you with retainers: "- Collect recurring client payments in advance, track hours against the allotted time, forecast monthly income, effectively manage project progress and avoid scope creep, set clear expectations with clients, and streamline invoicing." Your life just got even easier.

Sign up for Freshbooks here!

Learn how to create an invoice that gets you paid fast here!

For more of my favorite resources for bloggers and freelancers, click here!

Smile Brilliant! CariPro Review + GIVEAWAY

I was provided with a free CariPro toothbrush for my honest review. Everything that follows is my own, true opinion. Some links are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission for referring you, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

I'll admit it: Since I've gotten married, I've let my dental hygiene slip. Terrible timing, I know, right? Ha. Funny thing is, when we first got married almost exactly a year ago, I remember by newly-minted husband saying, "Let's brush our teeth together, it'll be cute!" like in the movies. Well, those "in the movies" days are already behind us, and more often than not, we find ourselves scratching a toothbrush around our mouths for a few seconds before falling into bed at midnight. Flossing? What's that? I haven't done that since I was single ;)

 Getting ready in the morning! Guys, I'm wearing a Levi's jean jacket with patches on it, so I'm pretty cool. Or old, maybe just old, since I definitely had a jean jacket I wore all the time in elementary school. 

You, I'm sure, are much more on top of this dental hygiene stuff than I am. Don't worry, though, I have a dentist appointment scheduled. More than that, I have CariPro! This new electric toothbrush by Smile Brilliant is my new best friend. I have absolutely no doubt it will improve my dentist's assessment. It makes brushing my teeth easy and painless. Plus, a fun new toothpaste usually helps, too, right?

The CariPro is about the same size as a standard electric toothbrush. However, instead of being an ugly white, this is a nice gray and blue combination, which matches our bathroom perfectly (our bathroom is gray and blue!). The brush head is smaller, which my small mouth appreciates, and I absolutely love the setting choices on the CariPro. I'm addicted to the Gum Care setting. I've been told in the past I may need a gum transplant. Guys. A gum transplant. Shudder. So I am willing to try just about anything to avoid this. My dentist gave me a rather geriatric-looking rubber pointed-tip thing to massage my gums with...but I'll be honest it fell off my radar a few days after I received it. The point is to massage the gums, and this Gum Care setting does just that. I love how my gums feel, tingly in a good way, after I brush with this setting.

Next is the Cleaning setting. This one feels like you are LEGIT at the dentist. It's that same level of vibration, and that same level of cleanliness. It's a bit much for me on a daily basis, but I do appreciate the power of an extra good clean once in awhile, particularly on the days I've been indulging in a little too much coffee and my teeth feel stained.. The Whitening setting is also a bit intense for daily use.  My daily setting is the Sensitive setting, given those receding gums of mine, and this one is just perfect for me. Each setting runs for 2 minutes, and pauses every 30 seconds to let you know to switch where you are brushing, dividing the mouth into four quadrants.

I'll be honest: I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to review the CariPro or not. It isn't the most earth-friendly toothbrush option out there, to be sure. For that, try a manual bamboo or recycled plastic toothbrush. But I know many people are devoted to their electric toothbrushes, and I can see some value in that. As opposed to throw-away plastic toothbrushes, I would certainly choose an electric toothbrush. This cuts down on the oil used to make plastic and rubber, and the amount of plastic and rubber that end up in the ocean. An electric toothbrush allows me to use much less toothpaste than normal, which is another small plus. The amount of electricity it takes to charge your toothbrush is negligible, less than 1 kilowatt-hour per year, which only costs pennies a year, so your environmental impact there is small. Of course, the batteries must be responsibly recycled. When your toothbrush has reached the end of its life, or you need to get rid of your old one, recycle that responsibly too. Here is the run-down of how to recycle every part of your electric toothbrush. And here's how to recycle your toothpaste tubes and floss containers if you're using plastic floss containers (hint: try dental lace instead!).

Overall, if you are an electric toothbrush-devotee, enjoy that extra-clean feeling you get, smile when the dentist tells you your teeth look great. Just remember to responsibly recycle every part of it when it has seen better days.

That's what I'm going to do. And I'll be honest again...I switch off between manual and electric. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for one or the other. The CariPro is a fantastic option. Smile Brilliant is a family-owned company, the cost is very good compared to other department-store models, and the price for replacement brush heads is fantastic, though you do need to order them through their website directly.

I feel good enough about it that I'm giving one away! Click the link below to enter. And for those that don't win, we've got a coupon code for 20% off for you!

20% off cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes: goodgirlstyle20

Happy brushing! 

electric toothbrush reviews

NEW Warby Parker Frame Home Try-On

This post contains affiliate links :) 

Have you tried Warby Parker's Home Try-On service? It's FREE (you do need to add a credit card juuuuust in case you don't return them on time), and you get to choose 5 frames, sent to your house, to try on. I cannot even tell you how important this is in the world of buying glasses online. I've bought many frames online, as well as many in-store, and there is nothing like being able to try a frame on, to feel it, to see how it molds to your face. Dimensions online are all good and well, but it's hard to know how those dimensions match up on YOUR face. Even uploading a picture of yourself so they can superimpose the frame on your face is not a great option.

Every few seasons I order a box from Warby Parker and show you the frames, to give you an idea of how they look on a real person, with a heart-shaped face, brown hair, green eyes, and 80 million layers because it's January in New England. This time, the frames I chose were: Welty (Whiskey Tortoise), Rosemary (Rose Crystal), Sims (Petal Tortoise), Millie (Birch Tortoise), and Turner (Chestnut Crystal). Without further ado...

This frame they sent me was very crooked, so I had to tilt my face differently to get it to look sort of normal ;) It looks like this frame may not currently be available in the petal color.

I actually like ALL of them, which is unusual for me. I think my favorites are the Rosemary Rose Crystal and the Turner in Chestnut Crystal. The crystal ones seem to be the winners this time around! Which makes me happy, because I've had my fair share of dark, heavy frames lately. I wasn't interested in trying any of the wire-framed ones quite yet...they're still a bit too hipster for me, and besides, I had ones very similar to those during all of my elementary school years, and I'm not sure I'm ready to relive those, ha. 

Which do you like better for me? Do you have any of these frames? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments!

Don't forget to order your own FREE at-home try-on box from Warby Parker...you'll love it! 


Craftsy and Bluprint = Your Fall and Winter Routine

Have you heard of bluprint? Probably, because they've been plastering their ads all over Instagram, but they are Craftsy's newest venture, an on-demand video creative studio. There's cooking, quilting, dancing, crocheting, and so much more. They are offering a free 7-day unlimited trial right now, so why not check it out. 

Why not learn how to crochet this fall? Why not bake the most amazing cake the first grade class has ever seen this winter? The next time someone asks you where you got your gorgeous jewelry, you can say, I MADE IT! Pretty sure bluprint and I are going to be best friends this fall and winter. Join us! 

  FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial at Craftsy.com

Happy Creating!

All Married Up

Your Good Girl Style guide, Natalie, is now all married up! And I do mean married UP, since my new husband (!!!!!!) is quite the catch, and I could not be happier or more blessed to be his WIFE! The wedding was everything I wanted it to be and more...it was such a FUN day! No one told me how fun it is to get married :) I'll share our wedding photos just as soon as we get them back; in the meantime, here's one of my favorites from our engagement shoot. We are walking perfectly in step. And this was a genuine moment...it was the end of the shoot and we were walking back to the car, and I was freezing, so he put his arma round me to keep me warm!

Party with Paperless Post

(adorable coffee stationery from Paperless Post to jot off cute caffeine-powered notes)

This post is in cooperation with PP and they compensated me with credits to use on their site for my honest review. These are NOT affiliate links.

I'd heard about Paperless Post but I'd never actually tried them. Until now. 

Paperless Post is a unique company...they provide high-quality stationary, delivered electornically. 
 It's the e-vites you used to get in a CC'd email, minus the clip art and the multi-colored, overly bolded text. This used to be gauche. It used to be tacky. But not now, not this. 

This is CLASSY. 
This is MODERN. 
This is...way too much fun! 

I'm an etiquette girl, one might say a student of etiquette, from the time I was very small. My mother and I collect books on etiquette and wrote a monthly column for a local magazine on etiquette for 2 years. E-vites used to be a no-go. Paperless Post has completely changed the game. I don't even want to call these e-vites becuase they are just too pretty for that. They nailed it with the name Paperless Post. They cleverly capture the experience of designing every detail of an invitation suite, down to the stamp, and deliver it seamlessly.

I love being able to send cards in a jiffy, so I know they will arrive at just the right moment, or when I'm being a terrible secretary of my own life and forget to send a card in the mail on time. They're also perfect for invitations (and much less expensive) and a great way to get the look you want without spending hundreds of dollars. Kate Spade designs? They've got 'em. Rifle Paper Co.? Check. Old-fashioned telegram style, newspaper style, bright florals, subdued watercolors, modern marble, gleaming gold...yep, they've got it. 

Here are some of my favorite designs I whipped up: 

How cute is this letterpress telegram, on a custom background, for the release of The Self-Discipline Handbook next year? I love it. 

Or THIS darling one, which I'm pretty sure I might use, for my birthday in just a few short months...30...ohmygoodness howisthatpossible Lordhelpme. But this darling invitation soothes the sting a little, and of course I'd need to wear a striped shirt with gold bangles and red nails and have a pink confetti balloon to BE the girl on the invitation. 

You can choose all of the details too...it actually looks like you are opening mail on screen, complete with a custom postmark, your choice of adorable stamps, and an envelope liner. 

I made this one for my mom, who is looking to move. Maybe this will inspire her to find just the right new place :) The design is by Felix Doolittle, one of my absolute FAVORITE paper stationers, which I write about in Happy Pretty Messy. I'm thrilled to see their designs having a wider reach.

As you can tell, this gets a little bit addicting. Try it out for your next birthday party, barbecue, big announcement, or even your wedding invitations. But I think my favorite thing is sending out birthday cards and thank you cards. It's also not too early to start thinking about...gasp...Christmas cards !


50 Things to Do When You're Sad and Lonely

I saw an article on Facebook the other day that said June is the month when the most breakups happen. And two days later I got dumped. Big time.

I've had my share of heartbreak, or more than. And I'm going through it again right now. My boyfriend of almost-a-year broke up with me a week ago today. So this is for me, just as much as it is for you...things I've learned in past heartbreaks and things I'm learning now that help ease the pain a little bit.

There's no way to erase the pain of feeling sad and lonely. There just isn't. Trust me, I sure wish my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked on life. But these things help refocus you, redirect your heart, help you laugh, leave things behind, and learn to do life better on your own.

See a breakup takes things from you. It just does. It takes your self-esteem and self-confidence. It takes your sense of security. It takes away a circle of influence and friends (his family, his friends, things you did together). It takes away the things that filled your time (evening walks, television shows you watched together, plans you probably still have for future dates that make you incredibly sad). My boyfriend and I had all sorts of summer plans, both firm and loose. The friend's wedding in Maine (firm). Going to watch a Little League baseball game at the ball field down the street (loose). Going camping!!!! (loose) The vintage camper rally (firm).

These things won't be happening. But the things below? The things below will. The things below are firm plans. I WILL do them, my heart MUST do them, my summer will not be torn apart by a man who doesn't want me, doesn't love me. How dare he, I say. How dare he decide he doesn't love me. And then I say...yes, actually, I'm glad he dared. I'm glad he did because I loved him, but I do not want a man who doesn't love me back. I deserve more than that. So do you.

These things give life back to you. They give love back to you. Take heart, dear one...you might be sad, and you might be lonely, but you are no unloved or unworthy. Never.

I painted this and it's taped by the lightswitch on my way out the front door

"But listen to me. For one moment quit being sad. Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you."

1.) Buy Happy Pretty Messy (read, review on Amazon ;))

2.) Try your hand at baking macarons.

3.) Change the sheets. It always makes you feel better. If you have some money to splurge, get a pair of Egyptian cotton sheets. You'll feel like a princess.

4.) Throw away his toothbrush. Or use it to scrub your dirtiest bathroom grout and THEN throw it away. That's what it's good for, and what it deserves.

5.) Have a tag sale. Sell all of the things that remind you of him, clear out clutter, make a few extra bucks, talk to some people, and it keeps you busy on a Saturday morning.

6.) Try blue mascara. It's fun, I like it, and it's $3. See if anyone notices. He certainly wouldn't have.

7.) Watch the Bridget Jones' Diary trilogy and cry your heart out.

My poetry in a German literary magazine

8.) Write some poetry. About how horrible he was.

9.) Clean out the kitchen cupboards.

10.) Clean behind the refrigerator.

11.) Watch this video.

12.) Blast "I Will Survive" and dance your heart out.

13.) Host a tea party.

Me and my Grandma, one of my biggest fans!

14.) Call your mom, dad, grandma, aunt, uncle...call your loved ones. Hear their voices.

15.) Go to the water. Whatever water you can get. In order of preference Ocean>Lake>Pond>Bath>Shower

16.) Send postcards to a few family and friends. They're a novelty item now.

17.) Buy new, ridiculously soft, incredibly fluffy towels.

18.) Drink a cup of tulsi tea. It reduces stress and balances mood. I'm drinking one right now as I write this.

19.) Get a hot water bottle if you don't have one. I highly suggest heart-shaped! I can't survive without mine for snuggles.

20.) Invest in a weighted blanket that helps you feel like you're being hugged. It reduces anxiety and stress.

21.) Spend an afternoon volunteering at the local pregnancy center, food pantry, women's shelter, career help center, Boys & Girls club, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, animal shelter, etc. VolunteerMatch can help. Bonus: You often get free t-shirts when you volunteer ;) I have a few from building playgrounds for schools, doing Habitat for Humanity, and more, and I love them.

22.) Go to church.

23.) Read Susan Branch's blog for a taste of the simple things in life.

24.) Check out a pass from your library to go to a local museum for free. Most libraries offer free passes to local museums nowadays, and you can reserve them ahead of time online.

25.) Make some money on the side by signing up for Swagbucks or eBates to pad your budget.

26.) That thing you do, that everyone always says you could sell? Sell it. Use Etsy, eBay, CafePress, Shutterstock.com, local Facebook groups, and in local boutiques.

27.) Consign some of your fancy clothes for credit, or "free shopping" as I like to call it. If you don't have a local place, check out TheRealReal for designer clothes and ThredUp or Swap.com for regular duds.

28.) Get some new clothes with a purpose. Shop on Schoola where they donate profits back to schools. You can actually see which schools  will be getting the profit from what you purchase.

29.) Reach out to mentors and people in your life you admire and ask them to write you recommendation letters. Of course a breakup always spurs thoughts of career change, but even if it doesn't, these letters are good to have on file and will boost your confidence.

30.) Write a book. Seriously.

31.) Spend time with kids. If you or your friends don't have kids, or your nieces and nephews don't live nearby, volunteer or get a part time job at an after-school program or daycare. Kids are good fro the soul, make you laugh deeply, and offer love freely.

32.) Read books before they actually come out (called a galley) for free by reviewing them on NetGalley.

33.) Pre-order my next book The Self-Discipline Handbook. It will arrive at your doorstep in January when you're ready to take over the world again.

34.) Get a new, amazing bra that makes you feel VA VA VOOM. My friend Kimmay can help! She's been on national television multiple times helping women find the perfect bra for them, and how they are more than just numbers (age, bra size, clothing size, number of kids, income, etc.) She's amazing and will rock your world.

35.) Watch Little Women, the Winona Ryder version from 1994. This is my go-to "need a cry" movie, it's heartwarming and heart-wrenching, beautiful and bleak, and it always warms my heart and inspires me, particularly in winter.

36.) Go to an event at the local high school. Support the football team, booster club, drama club, etc. Most high schools put on superb plays and concerts, and the cost of admission is low and supports the school.

37.) Spend the night away from home, but not alone. Being in your own comfort space feels good for awhile, but eventually you need to remember what it's like to wake up in a new place with new possibilities. Ask a friend if you can borrow their guest room for a night, or grab a friend and go on an overnight adventure.

38.) Get a new welcome mat for your front door.

39.) Paint your nails the color the exact color the QUEEN uses!

40.) Sew yourself some new pillow cases. It's one of the easiest projects, you can do it in an afternoon, and you get to go shopping for cute new fabric.

41.) Listen to this song on repeat. Preferably while writing poetry. "You don't need to change a thing about you...the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind."

42.) Follow george_and_charlotte on Instagram for doses of the incredible cuteness that is George and Charlotte, Prince and Princess.

43.) Make yourself some cute bath products, such as my mojito lip scrub and lavender-lemon lotion from Gifts in Jars.

44.) Re-read Happy Pretty Messy. I need to read this book to myself like, daily. And I'm the one who wrote it.

45.) Set up a slackline. I talk about it in Happy Pretty Messy and it's easy to do, and one of my favorite things.

46.) Treat yourself to the best of the best of chocolate and wine for a little bit. Splurge, indulge, enjoy.

47.) Make a list of the things you like about yourself, big and small. Things he didn't notice. Things like the curve of your tummy to your hip and the way you make coffee in the morning because you've perfected the pour for the pour-over coffee.

48.) Accept every invitation that comes your way. You need life right now, and adventure.

49.) Drive for 2 hours. Go somewhere. Go anywhere 2 hours away, just do it.

50.) Rest in the knowledge that if he couldn't see your beauty, your worth, your radiance...if he wasn't willing to do anything for you, if he didn't engage emotionally, or didn't put you first, or didn't think you were good enough, HE wasn't good enough for you. YOU WIN. He loses out. He lost you.

This hurt won't last forever. 
Shine even brighter into the world, you beautiful thing, you.

Boss Lady Jumpsuit

Posing during a book signing at The Toadstool Bookshop in Keene, NH

GUYS. This BOSS LADY Jumpsuit is just perfect for summer Happy Pretty Messy book signings. I love how it is structured and work-appropriate (for me), but also just fun and carefree. It's ideal. AND IT HAS POCKETS. And, um, did I mention its only $14? Yeah, you heard right, it's only $14 from Tobi. They sent it to me for free to review. My honest review? LOVE. IT.

Wearing the pink clogs mentioned in Happy Pretty Messy, of course! 

$14 you guys. Pockets. Strapless or straps. Perfection.

I love it. You will too.

You'll shine it in, I know you will.
Get your boss lady (jumpsuit) on.


Sign Up for Stella & Dot

**I was compensated for this post and this post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks for supporting Good Girl Style!

You've seen the cutest.cutest.cutest stuff from Stella & Dot jewelry right? I love it. You can start selling Stella & Dot jewelry TODAY and earn so many fun rewards, work for yourself, and help others look beautiful. New stylists who join now will get $350 in FREE accessories, a FREE best-selling Aven necklace, and $199 cashback when they sell $1000 in their first 30 days! Tell your readers about this fun, flexible, and rewarding opportunity! 

Pretty Party Dress and Lush Faux Fur

(Tobi provided these clothes to me for free in exchange for my post and honest review!)

Can you TELL by this photo how GLAM I am feeling in this crazy-cozy faux-fur collar cocoon sweater? It's like a little winter sleeping bag of glamour that I can wear with anything. It's so luxurious one lady thought it was real. The only thing that would make this EVEN better is a tiny little clasp to hold the two sides of the cardigan together, but I can add that with two stitches so it's no big deal. This also comes in burgundy, which I think would just be FAB with dark red lipstick and sunglasses. So movie-star-esque.

This is the lace skater dress I chose to wear for my birthday brunch with my boyfriend. He was horrified at the amount of skin showing since it was January, but I am wearing hose, thick high wool socks, a cashmere sweater, a scarf, and the big cocoon coat on top. I was quite cozy in our little round booth as we ate deliciously soft scrambled eggs with local bacon, fresh fruit, and seasoned potatoes. Mmmmmm, can it be my birthday every day?

Tobi also sent me a "boss lady" jumpsuit and I picked up a top of theirs on my own, so I'll be back with another post. In the meantime, go check this company out. I was quite worried, having never heard of them before, but now I'm seeing their stuff everywhere. I even saw a new with tags attached dress at my favorite consignment shop. The sizes fit normally (just pay attention to the measurements, but these are all smalls and fit me just fine!), the shipping and packaging was great. They have SO many cute things! 

I'm excited for the weather to warm up a bit so I can shed a few of these layers and take this dress out for a spin again. I think that means the boyfriend will have to treat me to a half-birthday brunch. Totally legit, right? 

(aaaand I totally just saw Tobi is having a 1/2 off site-wide sale so get overrrrrrr there!)


Happy Socks!

(cupcake socks!!! affiliate links below :))

 Have you tried Woven Pear socks? They are SO MUCH FUN! I can't get over their unique, sassy, witty and colorful designs. They release new designs all the time, and they each have something special, such as a saying on the bottom or contrasting pattern. Mine are cupcakes, and the bottoms have sprinkles! I adore them and I call them my "happy socks" when I need a pick me up. I ordered a few of these for Christmas gifts too because I can't resist their happiness and everyone needs some happy socks in their life. Don't you? FREE SHIPPING right now in the US! Shop Women's Socks


Happy happy-socks, my friends!

End of Year Review

Merry Christmas, darlings! 

{studio pretties}

Hi friends!

I am thinking over 2016 and what a wonderful, busy, marvelous year it has been...and I hope you can say the same. Here are a few of the things I've been working on.

{gifts in jars in barnes + noble!!!!!}

{making gifts in jars in the studio!}

Gifts in Jars was released on October 18, 2016. It is so much fun to see my book on shelves across the country, to sign copies at Barnes & Noble, to read your reviews on Amazon (keep 'em coming!) and to host Gifts in Jars workshops in my studio. It's been a fun ride!

{FIRST LOOK! She's so pretttttty!}

I got the first copies of Happy, Pretty, Messy IN MY HANDS! This is my first book, my heart book (even though it's releasing second) and it comes out on February 7, 2017. It's available for pre-order NOW!

{making pretty food even prettier in the studio in my favorite apron and socks!}

So yes, I wrote 2 books this year. I also food styled another cookbook, which was awesome and I loved being able to do it in my own studio space this time.

On top of that, I signed contracts for TWO more NEW books due next year! I've got lots of writing to do :) And I'll be teaching poetry this semester at a local college.

It has been a good year for my heart. Poetry, food styling, writing books...my heart is full and grateful for it all.

Much love,

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