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The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Way
by Dr. John Townsend
3 stars **

I thought the title of this book really drove home a point I'm passionate about: things are pretty darn easy these days, and we get lazy. You know what laziness translates into? Entitlement. Chances are we'll have an entire generation of entitled adults, if we don't already. Not I! So I was excited to review this book based on the title and subtitle. Unfortunately, it takes a pretty hard-edge view of things that was rather disparaging. It was not the hopeful, encouraging or even enlightening book I was expecting. I do not need to be barraged with the negativity. I want to know how we FIX this. How can I avoid it in my own life? How can we teach the next generation to dig in and do the hard work? This book was a disappointment for me. It might speak to some, but it didn't for me. Plus, I'm not sure anyone who actually IS entitled would pick up this book, giving it a "preach to the choir" angle that didn't suit me. Even the cover speaks of an axe to grind...and edge, instead of a hopeful point of view.

Valentine's Day Picks

OooooOOooo, it's almost Valentine's Day! But if you have last-minute plans that require a drop-dead outfit, Rent the Runway has you covered. It's not too late to rent a stunning dress for that first-date or fancy night out.

 (This post is sponsored by RtR but fully endorsed by me! :))

Here are some of my favorite picks from Rent the Runway for this holiday, all shades of red and glamorous. 

I am DYING over this jumpsuit! I want to wear it errrrryyywhere!
You just gotta wear this with GOLD and a sparkly clutch and some big earrings for that 70s-disco vibe. Cannot tell you how much I"m loving this one. 

Can't you just see this with some tights and high black booties? Super-loving the plum color, too. It has such a Taylor-Swift-on-tour feel.

Sweet Kiernan Dress
This sweet dress has a gorgeous texture, flirty line and a cut-out back. What's not to love for this sweetheart holiday?

Burgundy Cascade Skirt
Wear this with a just-perfect white tee tucked in and some sky-high heels for that, "Oh I didn't try too hard, I'm just naturally this glamorous" look we all want.

I just love celebrating Valentine's Day, with or without a boyfriend. It's just such a fun holiday. I'm also going to a gala at the end of the month and am eyeing that sleek red fun would that be to rock?

What are your Valentine's Day plans? Are you getting dressed up? Let me know if the comments!

New Firmoo Glasses + New Coat

Oh the little things in life are so good, ya'll, so good. New glasses make such a HUGE difference for a girl's confidence and selfie-game #amiright?! I was about to grab some new Warbys when Firmoo reached out and I just couldn't resist getting a pair from them. 

Then throw in my CRAZY-AMAZING new J.Crew Stadium Cloth coat and a girl is 
all sorts of heart-eyes gahhhhhhhhh. 

Super in love with this cognac and tomato color combo, aren't you digging it? This is a thrifted vintage Hanae Mori handbag that is so much fun. The handle on top makes it.

Now, these Firmoo glasses. I'm loving them. Firmoo glasses are always high-quality. My last glasses are Firmoo, too, and they've both been great quality frames. While it can be a bit hard to decide online, the prices are so low, even if your pick isn't a total-win, it's not the end of the world. I'm still deciding how much I like these, but they grow on me daily. I was looking for something more "writer-y" and I think these nail that vibe. These frames are $19, ya'll. There's no arguing with that. 

How good is red lipstick + writer-y glasses + fur hood? 
Thanks, Firmoo! 

Catch-All Catch-Up Post

Life has suddenly just exploded with sunshine lately! And sunshine = busyness in this case. Aside from WORKING ON MY BOOK (we are working on cover details now, guys! Crazy-exciting), I've been...

Enjoying endless sunshine this winter...SO good for the soul! 

Signed up for a membership at the local rock-climbing gym because I am LOVING IT LATELY. Can't get enough. I used to go rock climbing at the indoor gym quite often, and this summer got outdoors for a bit of climbing. Of course my climbing shoes are pink and called "RockStar" (ha get it?!?!). I have fallen in love once again and I dream of routes and problems (a problem is what you call a bouldering route...metaphor for life, amiright?).

I'm not vegan, but my friend owns an amazing vegan restaurant and I've been addicted to this Superhero Hot Chocolate filled with all sorts of good things for you. In particular it has Shilajit, which is a mineral from the Himalayas. I don't know much more than that, but I DO know it's crazy-good and I can't get enough.

While I haven't been doing many outfit photos lately, you can find them from the studio on my Instagram. This is H&M black skinny jeans, Sorel boots, ON cardigan, Gap London tee and a random star scarf from who-knows-where.

It's almost February! We are SO making progress on this winter-thing. 
"The cold never bothered me anywaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!"



Hey you guys!!! It was MA BIRTHDAY last week and I must say, it was quite a lovely day. Full of friendship, love, caffeine, surprises, fun little interactions and comments from strangers (how could they not, with my outfit?), and so much more. What a gift it was, truly, so good for my spirit and refreshing for my soul.


I wore a peachy-pink tulle dress that was quite ballerina-ish, with a cashmere spring-green ballet wrap cardigan. It was topped off with my blue fur collar and my favorite-ever scarf from ages ago.


Birthday flowers from best friend.


Of course there was a bow in my hair. And giant mink earmuffs 'cause FLUFFY.


Sprinkle cookies with candles for breakfast :) Because birthdays only happen once a year.

And now into the new one!

Warby Parker Try-On Winter 2015

It's that time again! Time to try a new batch of Warby Parker's deliciously quirky and writer-y glasses. Warby Parker's Winter 2015 Collection Oh what fun it is to tryyyyy on WarbyParkerglassses! (you have to sing it like that to make it fit into the Christmas song but hey! why not!)
(this is NOT a sponsored post but clicking on these links may earn me a commission at no cost to you--thanks for supporting GGS!)

My best friend and I both ordered Home Try-On program boxes, so here you get to see me try on NINE!!!! options :) (one just looked so very terrible on me that I couldn't even share the photo, sorry friends! for reference it was the Nedwin in lime green). 

I have a HEART-SHAPED FACE for glasses if you're trying to choose glasses for your face shape.(To find yours, stand in front of the mirror and trace your face with lipstick or a dry erase marker directly on the mirror (pull your hair back first).

 So these are my picks from the Warby Parker Winter 2015 collection for heart-shaped faces and brunette hair. See past picks here and here

Here they are, in alphabetical order: 




My top three favorites are (in no particular order): 

What are your favorites FOR ME and FOR YOU? 
If you haven't tried Warby Parker or aren't sure which frames work for your face, try their Home Try-On program for FREE (both ways!). They sent you FIVE pairs to try on for five days, risk-free. It's awesome! If you're ordering from Warby Parker, let me know which pair YOU chose and share a picture if you want in the comments :) Love me some discussion about WPs! 

Monograms with Onecklace

{Thanksgiving Day}
items provided by onecklace for review 

When it comes to personalized gifts, it's pretty hard to beat anything that is literally personalized. I have a gold Onecklace monogram, but it was time to branch out and nab a silver one so I can wear them with more outfits. I also snagged a gold bar bracelet because the delicate nature of it is just so appealing to me these days. 

I wore the silver circle monogram for Thanksgiving with my tomato-and-mint colored outfit. Tomato and mint sounds like a food-thing more than a clothing-thing, but it's actually a J.Crew thing. A few years ago these colors were all the rage and they're back in the J.Crew catalog. The above photo is the ONLY one I have of my outfit, but that just means I was having a great day, right? 

The beauty in all her loveliness. I adore this monogram necklace and it's just perfect for accenting the necklines of fall and winter sweaters. It nestled nicely inside v-necks and pops off crew/turtleneck colors. 

The gold bar bracelet is a beaut, but I can't get the photos I took off my camera :( My only complaint with this bracelet is that the clasp is nearly impossible to do alone, so you will need a friend/roommate/boyfriend/husband/mom/etc. to help put this on. The good news is you probably won't be taking it off very often since it goes with everything and is nicely delicate. For some reason the idea of wearing a miniature "gold bar" makes me very pleased. 

The gold (what I got last year) or the silver circle monogram necklaces are a top pick for any lady in your life. Onecklace also sends all of your gifts nicely packaged and ready to gift. #boom #done

Dress Like a Cupcake


I'm not going to lie, some days I dress like a cupcake on purpose. Pink, frosting, fanciful, fur, all the things. 

monday 015

Yes, those are pansies on my pants (J.Crew just gets me, y'know?). And dalmation flats. And a pink fur coat. Because FRIDAY, ya'll. 

FRI-YAY! MORE COFFEE! #caffeinecrazy 

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