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I'll Be Aunt Mildred

No big deal, guys. I'll just be the quintessential "Aunt Mildred" in all of the family photos with the crazy big hair and the handful of cocktail rings. You know, we all had one, right? Back in the 60s, in all the family photos? That's me, and I'm OK with it. Also, I got this ring at H&M on Black Friday and the earrings many months ago at a little boutique in the Midwest. I thought it was crazy how well they coordinate! 

In related news, this dress DOES fit the fingertip rule; my hair is not really off-center, I just couldn't get the other side to stay UP; and I think that sweater makes me look vaguely pregnant (not, duh). And my elderly neighbor thought I looked "SO cute!" Guess she was an Aunt Mildred in her day ;-)

Style Secrets
Sunnies: Oooo, you'll have to wait and see next week on Suze's blog {suspenseful music}
Earrings: Boutique
Dress: Boutique
Tank: hand-me-over
Sweater coat: TJ Maxx
Ring: H&M
Tights: TJ Maxx
Heels: TJ Maxx, Elie Tahari

1 comment:

Susan Balsom said...

no no no no no you look adorable, not aunt mildred-y at all AND I love the way the ring and the earrings coordinate. SO adorable.

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