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Workout Wednesday

Switching it up from a Work-to-Weekend Wednesday to a Workout Wednesday! I wanted to start showing you the outfits I wear for working out to encourage us both to get out there and work out! I also have a completely disproportionate amount of workout clothes to how often I work out (they are so fun, though!). I decided I NEED to start using them! So here's {nearly identical pieces to} the outfit I wore for a walk/run over the weekend.

run/walk winter

$40 - altrec.com

$50 - nike.com

$18 - altrec.com

$90 - altrec.com

$36 - altrec.com

$17 - altrec.com

$15 - modcloth.com

My Version
Duofold Crew: Free at tag sale
Nike Pro Running Pants (fleece-lined!): Thrifted, $3
Smartwool Socks: $12
Running shoes: Nike, gift from parents
Vest: Columbia, ?
Strawberry Earbuds (yes, I actually own these!): Gift from bro
Fingerless gloves: Gift from Swap
Hat: Local boutique
ipod: Gift

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