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Friday Morning

Can we just talk about my breakfast for a minute? It's like, Valentine's Day in food form. Brown Cow CREAM-TOP Strawberry yogurt and a DOUBLE CHOCOLATE muffin. Strawberries and chocolate. Mmmmm.

Mmm, God, you have definitely filled my heart with greater joy. And this breakfast did a pretty good job, too.

The saying on my Chai tea bag "Chai-med" in (Hahaha, I'm so hilarious) with a pat on the back.

And I think this will also do well for Friday morning God-time. Indeed, it will. 

Another post is (almost) ready for you all later today! Yay!


sarah guthrie said...

love this post....reminds me of my out of this world breakfast with my pastor's wife this morning. good healthy food, good fellowship...definetely makes for a good, if not great Friday. hope yours is just as swell.



Fashionatalie said...

That sounds lovely, Sarah!! Nothing like some good fellowship and good food to start a day.

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