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Happy Endings OR Breakups, Bangs, and Bacon

I'm feeling great! I might get bangs!
~ABC's Happy Endings

Welp. Here are a few ways to have "Happy endings" even after...not-so-happy ones. Like breakups. But I'm sure you've figured that out, you little detectives you. And my not-so-subtle hints {oops}.

Anywhoo, all is well and tonight, I have a happy ending. Happy, like:

(aka "My Husband Will Crazy-Love Me Someday for Making Chocolate-Covered-Bacon Sundaes" imho}

And dancing to this song:

Because this song allows for some amazing dancing. {despite the kinda weirdo video, sorry about that}

And besides, I might be feelin' a little hot to trot with my new haircut...

yep, it's truly me. promise.

So I'd say that makes for a few happy endings tonight. 

Sweet dreams!


Dan's mom : ) said...

I love your look. You can definitely wear bangs.

SUZE said...

Aw, yea I noticed on Valentine's day, "not a boyfriend in sight" hope all is well. stay busy!!

Stephanie said...

Love the new bangs, deary! So cute!

Dortjones said...
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Fashionatalie said...
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Madison Emery said...

You look great ;) Do what's best for you...life is too short! :)

Fashionatalie said...

Thanks, everyone, for the votes of confidence!!! <3

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