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Week Four: Do Without

Week Four's challenge is to "Do Without!" 

I was going to make a picture with all of the things I'm wanting to spend money on right now--and then I thought, How cruel, Natalie, to make them drool over the things you want, too! 

So none of that. I'll just tell you, there are plenty of things I want. But do I REALLY need to spend $7.99 at the drugstore for that exact same Revlon lip gloss that Emma Stone was wearing at the Oscars? 

Um, probably not. 
And J.Crew adorable Spring catalogue items? Drool. But no. 
Polka-dot scarf my best friend just sent me the link to?
Gonna say no.
{as if this girl needs more scarves}

The small things add up. 
So practice thrift, practice self-control, practice good stewardship--do you really need that $2 candy bar at the gas station?
{when did candy bars get so expensive? seriously, $1.69, people?}

And besides, $2 can probably give clean water to a child in Africa for a day. 

{No, seriously, check it: Blood:Water is proposing a challenge for Lent to only drink water, and to give all of the money you save towards clean water in Uganda. You don't have to join their mission, but think about saving your fancy-drink money and donating to a charity you love. Remember to make giving part of your budget! And if you find a charity your really love and believe in, it also fulfills your values & goals. I particularly love to help families access clean water.} 

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Emily Rohwer said...

Doing without: Birthday Oreos my friend told me about today; milk, because we're stretching a weeks worth of shopping to 2 weeks. Considering doing without shampoo and conditioner, but I still have 1/3 bottle left of each
'Poo free seems the way to be? http://babyslime.livejournal.com/174054.html

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