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GGS Goes Shopping: Spring at Kohl's

I very rarely go shopping. Actual, real, new-clothes shopping, that is. I go thrifting...well, we won't discuss how often I go thrifting. So when I went to run an errand in a shopping plaza that had a Kohls, I couldn't resist the allure of checking out the new additions to the LC Lauren Conrad line. While I haven't been to a Kohls in absolute ages, they have really upped their game, I gotta say. It was a breath of fresh air to look at the colors, textures, styles, and cuts that are current. I'm so used to sifting through dingy colors and ratty old t-shirts at the thrift store! I wanted to share a few of my favorite faith-based fashion finds for spring (modest, budget-friendly, and adorable) from shopping in-person.

Let's pretend that we're shopping together! Here are my favorite things that I would pull from the racks and hold up to show you:

Shopping @ Kohls

You saw that adorable Elle lace peplum top in my last post--it was the most expensive of the things I actually purchased, but I am so excited to wear it all sorts of ways this summer. I also picked up the black/white/hot pink top. It is just so darling! The orange skirt was so cute, but I'm not sure midi-pleats and I get along (someone with more delicate ankles than me, please wear this!). Gray cropped trousers don't look like anything special, but they were quite adorable on--and the little belt is actually a bow. The blue floral top is just about the softest thing you'll ever wear (and cute to boot!). A little chiffon peplum vest could go over just about anything..and go from work to weekend easily, too! And who doesn't love stretchy mint jeans or vintage-inspired sunnies? 

I hope you enjoyed "Good Girl Style Goes Shopping"! Let me know if you like this concept for a series, and maybe I'll take you shopping with me next time, too. But it will be your turn to get the coffees ;-)

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Emily Freeman said...

Wow! I like your sense of fashion. I love to go shopping but not so confident enough to buy clothes since I am so keen choosing clothes. I love them all. They are so perfect for summer. :)

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