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Little Heart

I felt like blogging a little something extra tonight, my dears. Some might call that procrastination; I prefer to think of it as generosity. #tomatotomahto

I had an empty, sad little spot under my calendar wall that needed a bit of cheer. This cherry-red enamel 
heart catch-all for 25 cents at a tag sale is just so spot-on, I couldn't have found anything better if I had an unlimited budget. It is so Swedish to me, which absolutely warms my little Swedish-heritage heart. Teeny tiny clothespins also warm my heart. I mean, hello? So cute, right? 

This song has been in my head!

Alright, alright, back to work now! 


amorganporter said...

very sweet :)

tjremp said...


Fashionatalie said...

Hooray! Isn't it fun to add the little touches? Much more fun than making the agonizing big decisions (couch against the wall or away from it? carpet or wood floor? gahhhhh!!!!)!

Bluedustcollector said...

i really love the song! <3

Onleilove Alston said...

I love this! Thank you for your blog and your spirit. -Your Sister in Christ

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