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Things Of Late

How's your summer going?
Mine has been wonderful so far! 
Here are a few snaps of what's been going on lately...

I'm TOTALLY smitten with a crown braid: 

These outfit pics were all overexposed, but this dress is so much fun. Strangely, I feel it has a Sound of Music vibe to it...

I've been doing some travelling, which for me means "tattoo"ing myself with words like "Sovereign" to combat anxiety and wearing SeaBands. Oh boy.

I finally did the seafoam/yellow nail polish combo, and it's so cute! Also, these GoPicnics are my favorite thing to eat while travelling. Gluten-free and fantastic. I can't say enough good things about them.

This beautiful drink is delicious. And the bottle's a keeper!

Been brewin' up lots of iced coffee: 
{cold-brew = only way to go}

Playing tennis: 
My friend said, "You look like a piece of candy." 
Hahahaha. That'd be me. 
Looking like a piece of candy. 
No big deal. 
Also, tennis is one of those things I always wanted to be amazing at...and never got past "halfways-decent." Or, as the same friend said, "We're below amateurs." And I said, "What's below amateurs?"

On that note, my dears, have a wonderful day!! 



amorganporter said...

So fun. This makes me excited for my upcoming vacation. Its WAY too hot here in Kansas to be outside at all. I can't remember that last time it was under 100 degrees! :S

Heather Traudt said...

Those sea-bands are the best things ever!!! They have saved many a trip from turning into a disaster!!! They also help when I have a vertigo attack!

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