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My dear church family threw me a party with the theme of Bittersweet. You know? The beautiful fall vine/berry that is red and orange? I've always loved it. 

Photo by Chelsea of Frolic Blog from Here

And of course a "Bittersweet" theme is just perfect for a farewell party this time of year. They had orange tablecloths, vases full of bittersweet, and the most beautifully decorated cake with Bittersweet piped on. So pretty! I was totally a crying mess.

Cake decorating skillz by one of my favorite people from church!


My cousin had this darling polka-dot dress and I just had to ask her if she'd mind if I got one! Isn't it the cutest!? 

Of course, I had to have the party earrings---the bling, if you will, to kick this outfit up a notch.

It's hard to leave such precious friendship.
But everyone has really sent me off with a lot of love (and photographs, handmade presents, little travel things, chocolates, and more) to carry me forward.
Bittersweet, indeed.


Kimberly Bonham said...

I LOVE your blog! You are so cute!
New follower for sure!
Follow me back via GFC too?

Kimberly Bonham said...

Where did you get your dress? It's too cute!

Natalie said...

Hi Kimberly! I didn't see this earlier! I'll definitely look at your blog! :-)

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