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Happy Blues


These are happy blues. 
No sad blues.

Just blue-sky blues. 
Honest-blue blues. 
Saltwater vacation blues. 
All the good kinds of blues.

A feeling of contentment is starting to reside deep down in my heart. If feels more whole and capable of holding on to good things and letting go of bad; of beating through difficult situations. My emotional-heart-muscles feel stronger. I think that's a good thing, so long as it isn't scar tissue.

The skirt was getting to be a bit long for the office, so I tied it up in a knot. No biggie :-)

And now, the sky is pink.
There are always little blessings, my friends. Always. 
Find some, and take in the full measure of their blessing to your heart. 



Patti said...

love the words... love the blue... love the inspiring love that flows from you...

htraudt said...

That skirt makes you look super tall!!! It also looks very comfy!

Freezn said...

I used to have a dress very like that skirt. I think I need to find a skirt like that again, I just love it!

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