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Rainy Day Outfits

Hey guys!

It's been raining.

I've had a cold.

I packed a few boxes, watched a few seasons of The Office, took some Nyquil. I like to think of this week as, "Getting my money's worth out of Netflix"-week.
Things have been reaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy exciting over here.

So I'm just sharing some old news---a few outfits I haven't gotten around to sharing lately.

Oh wait! I do have new news to share!
The always-lovely Patti K. won the Dayspring cards in the random drawing!
I know Patti will put these to good use encouraging :-)

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Anonymous said...

OH YAY is right!!!! Thank you Natalie! So very fun! I can't believe I won! Can't wait to see them! Love your BLOG =) joy and happiness and blessings to YOU! PK

Unknown said...

WOW Natalie I like your Outfit wearing your Shorts and Wellingtons, you look really dishy.

Julia Bradbury said...

Ah Natalie, I love to see you wearing your Wellies, you look really tasty, I wear my Wellies all the time, I love them, so smart and comfortable.

Rebekka Seale said...

LOVE that outfit! So cute!

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