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Birthday {Part I}

Hi :-) 
It was my birthday :-)

I received the most luscious bouquet of hot pink and light pink roses :-)

My family and friends really went all out to make sure it was a special day...sending flowers, gifts from afar, cards, and bringing pink champagne and presents. They really indulged me, and are ever-so-good to me. Thank you, dears, for making my day so special :-)

My brother calls this my Neopolitan Ice Cream skirt. I call it my Birthday Tutu! I've worn it for my birthday before (see this old-as-the-hills post). It's just so perfectly pinkly party-y! I wore it with my grandmother's crinoline underneath. Can you believe she used to wear it under her poodle skirts in the 50s?! I love it so much it's not even funny.

The feather headpiece was a birthday gift a few years ago from one of my very best friends. I love it so much and have worn it on many birthdays because it is just so birthday-y! I wore some vintage costume jewelry earrings, and my polka-dot tights too.

A birthday only comes once a year, so it definitely requires some party clothes! Don't you agree? 

Check out PART TWO here, including my green-ombre cake with pink frosting!


Maddy said...

Happy (late! :( birthday, lovely cousin!
So glad it was special with family.
I have an "out there" question - do you have a copy of your "switch" show? I know I taped it (years ago at a friend's house none the less, as we didn't have cable - but I told Daniel a while back you were on a TV show, but couldn't remember much, so if you have it, would you mind sending it this way if it's even possible?? :)

Rubi Ruiz said...

Love your napolitan ice cream birthday tutu!!! So gorgeous and feminine! :) Happy Late Birthday dear!!!! God bless you!

With Love,

Meghan Mella said...

I love your birthday skirt!! Also, the little felted 'happy birthday' present in the flowers is super adorable. It is giving me all sorts of (good, hopefully) crafting ideas!

Natalie said...

Thanks, Meghan! Craft on! :-)

Natalie said...

Thanks Rubi!

Natalie said...

I will email you :-)

Anonymous said...

Happiest of happiest birthdays, Natalie!!! ;D
--Jessika, CA

Natalie said...

Thanks Jessika!!

Unknown said...

I'm positively CRAZY about your dress. want it!! ps i've pinned some of your looks on the new fashion & faith pinboard. check it out! http://pinterest.com/lindseyherzog/fashion-faith-bloggers/

Unknown said...

*** your skirt!

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