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Coffee Date Vlog 4

Happy Friday!

And now the random things!

1.) Seriously, if you haven't tried the snacks from yesterday's post, I highly recommend them all! I love being a small blogger because it means I can write about whatever I want...including SNACKS!

2.) I saw Lee Strobel speak this week. Y'know,
The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus (and Case for a Creator, Case for Easter, etc.) author? So that was kinda cool. Until he walked by me and sis-in-law taking photos in the hallway with my remote and the camera stacked on a bunch of random stuff as we dissolved into giggles over trying to get a picture (of us, not him). So that was kinda awkward.

3.) Some people are getting Emerald Green and Kelly Green confused, even major fashion bloggers. Emerald Green is the 2013 Color of the Year and it is a jewel-tone, meaning it is dark, saturated, and rich-looking with a blue undertone. Kelly Green on the other hand is much brighter and yellower.
I love them both, but I just had to get that off my chest. Stepping off soapbox now.

4.) I sure hope no one ever looks at my Google Search History. Because I seriously just Google-d "How to Sell Your Life Story for a Movie." Yep. 

5.) You guys, "We Bought a Zoo" is no longer available at my RedBox. How do they expect me to watch it, HUH? I would like to know!!!!!!!!!! #caffeinecrazy

Over and out, my friends! Have a great day!
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Erin @ Isaboo Designs said...

Your vlogs always make me laugh. So on the purple nail polish. I would try either lavender (super pale) or super dark purple. My fave is Loreal Top Speed in Grape. And for the hat. It's cute! Try wearing your hair in a loose side braid. It doesn't help it falling off, but it eliminates the hoodrat look LOL! And you dont even look like a hoodrat!

Jessika Newquist said...

I love your vlogs! You are so funny! I can totally relate to the purple nail polish thing--it's the same reason I can't wear dark blue, I just feel like a twelve year old again (not great when you're 27!) And yes, I am not sure how other girls are keeping beanies on their heads when you have your hair down--maybe try the pink side? Pink always makes everything better, right?? And maybe use bobby pins to help keep it on? And also thank you for *protesting* these outrageous prices on simple cosmetics cuz I feel the same way and often have to go out and find more affordable solutions to my fave designer products, too. :/ (I've found that wet 'n' wild has some awesome eyeshadow palettes for super cheap and the colors are gorgeous, just fyi!) ;) --Jessika, from CA, thewellkeptkitten.com

Unknown said...

This was by far my favorite vlog you have done yet! Yes on the purple nails, no on the hat, love the green eyeliner!

This was so quoteable!

"Purple's my favorite color! I'm gonna wear purple allll the tiiiime!"
"Ooooh, my hat...it's off in the parking lot..."
"So. Anyway. This video is getting long and I hane't told you anything worth knowing, so goodbye!"

LOLs for days! I loved it and I want that eyeliner!

Unknown said...

Love your blog and I have nominated it for the Liebster Award! Visit my blog for further instructions. http://tripworthtaking.blogspot.com

Natalie said...

Great idea about the braid, and I'll have to look at that color you mention :-)

Natalie said...

I'm so glad you can commiserate...yes! I have some great Wet n'Wild products I love (and some I'm not so fond of...they are hit or miss in my opinion).

Natalie said...

Hehehehe...I'm glad you are laughing at/with me, Claire. I just noticed that I never pick up the hat, I just leave it behind me for the rest of the video, ha.

Natalie said...

Thank you so much, Amy!!! xo!

Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough said...

I'm crossing "embarrass myself in front of Lee Strobel" off my bucket list!

Also, I still love that nail color. ;)

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