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Coffee Date Vlog 5

Happy Friday, friends!! I'm the last one to the Rags to Stitches Coffee Date party today, but that's OK. It has been a wonderful sunny day and my heart feels light. Hope you can say the same, my friends, I really do!

I hope you have a great weekend (do you have Monday off? Hope so :-)) 

Much love to you!


Katie @ A Place to Dwell said...

I seriously need to just take the leap into this vlogging business. I'm still pretty nervous about it! ;) I always love yours. :)
I'm putting The Renaissance Soul on my reading list for this year. Sounds like a book I'd really enjoy!
Happy weekend! :)

Rags to Stitches Blog said...

No such thing as late to the coffee date party! So glad you joined us.

Erin @ Isaboo Designs said...

Girl I dont know what to tell you about those animal origin jeans...that is weird! Have you googled it? Wait, maybe thats not a good idea...

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