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Adventuring Twin Cities: Dreamcoat Coffee

I have discovered a hidden gem. Of coffee. A hidden coffee gem. 
It's called Dreamcoat Coffee

Boy is it dream-worthy! Try their S'more Latte and you'll be thinking about it for days!

Look at this deliciousness! 
It would be even more delicious if you weren't gluten-free and were able to have the crushed graham crackers and caramel sauce on top. But no matter---this pile of whipped cream with chocolate sauce suits me just fine. 

They have these cute little journals all around the store so you can write whatever you want about your trip to Dreamcoat--of course, I left a note! A journal with a pen anywhere calls my name.

Oh wait! I didn't tell you! 
(and maybe I'm only telling you now since I moved away?)
But this coffee shop is CONNECTED TO A THRIFT STORE. 
I'm sorry to shout in your ear. 
But it's truly like a dream---an amazing little find of a coffee shop, attached to a Salvation Army thrift store Boutique. 

Look at all of these fun things you could snatch up! 
How could I not love this?



mamarae28 said...

Oh, I love it! I'll make this place a stop when I'm in the area next! Too funny that we posted similar posts today! Now I'm dying to know where you moved? We're moving to Az in July. :)

ThistleAshD said...

holy smokes- this looks like you found heaven!

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

I am OBSESSED with s'mores. I have a whole pinboard dedicated to them after all! :) This place is on my list for next time I'm up north! :) Hope you are settling in up there! Did some AMAZING thrifting in Arizona, you would be so proud. Planning to post soon.

XO, Alexandra


Unknown said...

I'm so glad ur back on ur blog! Was getting worried! ;) That place looks ah-MAZING, btw!!! Wish we had sthg. like that here in So. Cali.!!! And I'm loving that little plaque--I've heard the saying before, but it's great refresher!!

Natalie said...

Oh really? I moved down South, too--Florida!

Natalie said...

Haha, I know, right?! I guess it's a pilot trial of the concept...and I was just lucky to find it :-)

Natalie said...

Haha, a whole pinboard! :-) Ooo, I lOVE thrifting when I travel. Can't wait to see what you snapped up :-)

Natalie said...

Aw, thanks, Jessika! Life is still crazy-busy, so I can't promise how often I'll be posting, but it's good to be back. Missed everyone!

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

What a fun coffee shop! I miss spending time at coffee shops...I need to get back into that habit ;)

Lexilooo said...

eeeee! I wish I'd been a blog reader a few weeks ago...I was in Minneapolis for work for a few days and really liked it....I totally would have stopped by this coffee shop! in fact, with the few free hours I actually had, I took a cab across town to a fabric shop that a friend told me about, which was amazing!

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