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A Week's Worth

{pretty basics} 


{making fresh lemonade}

{way toooooo hot out for my liking + retro vibe} 

{flannel + mocs}

It's a rainy night and the only words I have for you are these:
It will be alright. 

In fact, it will be brilliantly beautiful. 
Just hang in there. 
Keep smiling. 
Live in the NOW. 

It's coming. 
{whatever it is...but your heart knows, right?}
And when it comes?
It's going to be glorious-like-woah.
I'm talking God-moves-mountains sorta huge, and 
heart-exploding-inside-my-chest kinda awesome. 

So hang in there.
It will be alright. 
It will be God-makes-things-so-much-more-than-alright-crazy-good.


Cookiemownster said...

love the mint dress! :)

Jacqueline said...

First - you're adorable. I love all of those outfits and I want some lemonade now.

Second - "it will be alright" - yes, sometimes we just need that reminder from someone else.

Happy Friday, girlie!

Unknown said...

love it!!

Natalie said...

We def need to hear it from others often! Happy Weekend!

Natalie said...

Thanks, girl! Happy Weekend :-)

Unknown said...

I have that same mint dress from Target! So cute (:

Freezn said...

You wrote this whole "It will be alright" thing when I needed it most (just as WI was really wearing on me) but I didn't read it until just now, shame on me! I love your words of encouragement :-)

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