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How We Feelin'?

I'm feelin' like this song and this song on repeat.
I'm feelin' like short boots and a short dress. 
I'm feelin' like the weekend better get here soon.
I'm feelin' like eating 1/3 of a loaf of banana bread for breakfast is totally legit.
I'm feelin' like somehow this blend of the end of a bunch of bags of different coffees made the best iced coffee ever.

I'm feelin' like these words from a friend are so important to my heart lately:
Jesus + Nothing = ENOUGH
Amen, right? 

And I'm feelin' excited to announce the winner of the KIND giveaway (drumroll please):
Amy Wetzel! Amy, please email me! (goodgirlstyleblog at gmail dot com). Woot! 


Alissa said...

Is it weird I am listening to one of those songs right now? Love this cute outfit!

Christen Dobbs said...

Love this outfit! I was totally feeling a short dress and short boots today too! I'm actually dressed rather similar...

feathers and ash

Jacqueline said...

I love this outfit. And banana bread... seriously, we need to get on this IRL friend thing.

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