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New Specs and a GlassesUSA Review

I need new glasses, ya'll. 

So these are my current/old glasses. Horn-rim Chaps, oval, get the job done. 
But it is time for an update. 

I really wasn't sure how to go about this process, since it's always so difficult to choose new glasses. But I decided to try one of these online glasses places, and be brave. When GlassesUSA contacted me to do a review of a pair of glasses, I jumped on board! I'd been eyeing (ha, I crack myself up) their site anyway, so it was a great fit.

I don't just need glasses, you see (clever me, all the puns). I don't need just frames, or readers. I need prescription glasses. Like, Coke-bottle glasses. Really-really-really thick glasses. Hazardous-to-my-health-AND-your-health blind without my glasses. Such is life. So I always have to get the primo lenses (read, expensive), so saving on the frames is a MUST for my budget. GlassesUSA eyeglasses are a great buy, and their clearance/sales/coupons section is also worth a look.

Here are my two picks (I purchased one pair with my own money and the other one partially with a GlassesUSA.com credit):

Muller in Brown

Personal Shopper in Blue

I made a video to show you the frames in person and tell you a little more about my experience: 

I love the lucite and tortoise sides of the Nicole Miller Personal Shopper.
Muller has metal and crystal detailing.

GlassesUSA is always offering crazy-good discount codes, so check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive discounts. You can also use the code: Blog10 for a 10% discount. You can also try their new Virtual Try-On feature. This wasn't available when I chose my frames, but I highly recommend giving it a try.

They have a 110% lowest-price guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee, so you're safe no matter what you decide. Overall, if you need to buy glasses, I'd say GlassesUSA is a great place to update your look!

Soooooo now the question is, should I keep them? Just one? Which one? Both?
And which frames are YOU eyeing?

PS> We're not talking about the craziness that is my bangs in these photos right now, ok? They're not chopped weird, I promise, they were just being weird. #whoknows


Elizabeth said...

I like them! I've only ever bought through Zenni before, but I'm glad to know this option is out there. Going to check them out soon.

Heather McCool said...

I love the personal shopper ones on you, they just pop!

Amy said...

I love them both but if I had to pick just one I would say the personal shoppers. Both look great on you but those pop and seem to fit your perky personality.

Quick question : I went to eye doc several months ago and have script from then. Do I have to go back to be measured or is there any way to do it on the GlassesUSA site?

Natalie said...

Hi Elizabeth! I've never even heard of Zenni! Thanks for your comment :)

Natalie said...

They're my favorite too, but I can see the side out of my peripheral vision in one eye so I'm not sure what's up with that?!

Natalie said...

I love the personal shoppers too! They're my fave, but I can see one of the sides out of my peripheral vision, which is throwing me off. I'll be so disappointed if I have to send them back. I asked them about it.

Also, I think you will probably want to get that measured in person somewhere...I think!

IndyEatWell said...

Great blog Natalie! And those personal shoppers look great on you! The video was really personal and I appreciated all of it! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I truly love them both!
I just got a pair of glasses at zenni optical last year, $18 to my door. unbeatable! However, i felt limited in styles there.
I'm inspired to upgrade to a new pair soon, thanks for the link!

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