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Add Some Blue Skies to Your Day


A bright Spring coat, such as my bright pink wool version from J.Crew, is a must-have for this time of year. You're sick of your heavy down winter coat, right? Me too. Investing in a transition coat (or a few, I also have a seafoam green coat and a red trench!) bring color and light to your wardrobe while still keeping you warm on the days Spring decides to be not-so-nice.


Oh Spring! How tempestuous a season you are! Snow, rain, "wintry mix", this abominable thing called "freezing mist" and then...bright, glorious blue skies! How my heart soars! I'm absolutely LOVING my sky-blue nail polish from Sinful Colors (Bright Lucite-dont'ya love that name?!). Glossy, gorgeous blue sky nails are a sure-fire way to bring some brightness to your wardrobe (and your life!).

What are some ways YOU add color to your life this time of year? Do you have a bright rain coat, umbrella, wellies, or a favorite shade of nail polish? Let me know in the comments!


Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

So fun! :) I love your coat! :) I have been making it a resolution to add more color this year and it's going well. I ended up with an Orange lightweight duffle coat (LOVE! / on the blog) and lots of pretty jewelry so far. For nails I always love bright pink or coral. But I recently bought a minty green that I'm excited to try soon! :) -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

Forgot to say I recently bought a light robin's egg sort of teal umbrella with pink kitten faces on it... which is pretty quirky.. but definitely brightens my day! :) -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Unknown said...

It feels like summer already here in Lakeland. Kinda jealous of your cute coat.

Have a blessed weekend!


Katie @ A Place to Dwell said...

You're ADORABLE! :) I just bought some neon yellow, bright blue, and neon purple. Needed to add some spring-y brights!

Natalie said...

@Alexandra: How fun! And that umbrella? Sounds adorable!

@Natali: I'm jealous of your shorts-weather! :)

@Katie: OOoo the neons sound amazing! I have a neon pink that I love but it wreaks havoc on my fingernails. I can't wait to see yours!

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