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Spring Style


Goodness I love me some Spring style. These are my most-favorite colors. Give me some pink and mint and I'm a happy girl. 
What are your go-to colors?


I actually try not to make my outfits TOO perfect. A little imperfection is good for the soul. ---> Click to Tweet!  

In this case, we have unpainted nails and "hot mess hair"--that is to say, "my hair dryer conked out in great fanfare this morning and I'm lucky to still be alive." I might be exaggerating that a slight bit but there was smoke involved, not gonna lie.  


Tying the cardigan was a moment of inspiration since it's a long cardigan and the proportions were off and I was in a hurry.
I love this look and am going to deploy it in the future for sure. 


I love this outtake, it has a certain ethereally happy and unintentionally beautiful quality to it, if I may say so myself.
It just reminds me that I'm happy, and I think that's a wonderful thing. 

I hope you're deep-heart-happy this beautiful Spring Monday. 
Find the beauty. 



Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

Such a sweet spring outfit! I adore mint as well. Particularly with navy and/or charcoal. I also LOVE navy with bright pink. Happy spring dear! XO-Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Unknown said...

Adorable!! Love this outfit!!

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