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Classy & Casual


This is one day, one outfit concept, and two different iterations. One is a wear-to-church outfit, and the other, with the same color threads, makeup and hair, is more casual for whatever fun adventures Sunday afternoon might hold. Or this is a mighty fine outfit to wear to the office, so this could easily be a work-to-weekend post too!

penautbutter 061b

My boyfriend says Sundays are his favorites with me, because we get to go to church together and we always seem to find some fun, spontaneous adventure for the afternoon. I agree! There is something so wonderful about sitting close and holding hands while we pray, singing from the same hymnal, giving each other little knowing looks, etc. And it's summer so the great outdoors calls after church! 

What has been your favorite summer adventure so far? 

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Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

How fun! I just love those black and white trousers! :) My favorite summer adventure so far was maybe last Friday night when KC and I drove to the city for gourmet burgers, Zach Braff's new movie and artisan ice cream. We don't usually drive out for dates, and this one was so full of special unusual places for us. :) XO-Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

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