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A Little of This, A Little of That


Loving this combination of oversized gingham and eyelet. 


Peanut Butter "Buckeye" Bars I made for Big Girls, Small Kitchen

(Edited to add one more thing!) 

If you are a mother of daughters, please check out my friend Dana's magazine, Modern Motherhood Magazine. It's digital, short, and free, perfect for mommas, but it gets into deep subjects of raising Godly daughters and discipling them. Dana blessed me by including Good Girl Style in her August issue about Beauty. Check it out here

and something fun for YOU, too! I'm thrilled to have some free codes to take Sally Hogshead's "How to Fascinate" personality assessment. The test is normally $37 so take advantage of this free code for sure. I love personality assessments, and this one is FANTASTIC. It gives great insight into how the world sees you, rather than how you see the world. You'll find tidbits to help you be the BEST you and to work to your strengths in all areas of life. 

Me? I'm The Connoisseur...always in-the-know, powered by passion, high standards, and a whole lotta something special. 

Wanna give it a shot to see what YOU are? 

1.) Go HERE.
2.) Enter code: BL-goodgirlstyle 
3.) Come back and share your results in the comments! 

I can't wait to hear!


Anonymous said...

You certainly are a whole lotta special! PKing

Anonymous said...

I got The Authentic. Trust and Passion. PKing

Unknown said...

Ooh, interesting! I got The Veiled Strength. Realistic, intentional, to-the-point, orderly, multi-layered.

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

Love the outfit! I got The Intrigue, discerning, perceptive, considerate, selective, warm and cool. :) My new site is up and I'm just working on tweaks, come let me know what you think! :) -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

SaraFlora said...

That was a fun test! Thanks for sharing the code. I got The Subtle Touch - mystique + passion.

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