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Lavender and Wine


I simply canNOT stop wearing this orchid merino wool sweater with gold shoulder zips from J.Crew.  It's a bit drapey, but with fitted sleeeves and the nice side vents to give it shape. Perfect color for autumn, don't you think? I love this orchid color with navy, wine (as my boots are), chocolate brown, olive green, deep golden yellow, and tan, like my hat. Such luscious combinations!


I've said before there are about 2 days each year where the shorts-and-boots combo actually works, and this was the fall day! Wool shorts are a unique specimen in and of themselves...because they're, well...WOOL. SHORTS. I mean...
But I did get compliments on the shorts, and I think they're super cute with boots. 


Fall is the absolute perfect time for all of my wool hats, including this gem from American Eagle, believe it or not. I love its curvy 70's-style brim that highlights sunglasses just perfectly. And the bright bangles and earrings are from J.Crew, too, and add a fun pop of contrast to this outfit.

Have you ever worn shorts with boots? What do you think of the combination?



Christen Dobbs said...

I have been looking everywhere for some boots like that and have had no luck! I love them with shorts, looks great!


Natalie said...

Mine are Steve Madden, from maybe 3 years ago? Haven't seen any like them lately either :(

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