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Birthday Pretties

birthday 030

So I'm a year older now :) 
And I happened to have the most lovely dusting of birthday snow (I always hope for just a light powdered-sugar snow!)
to add to the blue skies!

As usual, I'm such a fan of birthdays and simply MUST dress like a confection of some sort as evinced by years past:
see here, here, here and here! I call this my "birthday skirt" because I have worn it for many birthdays!

Of course, if I am dressing like a macaron or cupcake or some such delicious baked good, I have to have my "frosting hair"
as I call my swirly bun, this time accented with a rosette ribbon headband.

birthday 037

Candy pink lipstick, cozy collar, and wind-blown hair! It was so windy the power was out until 2pm!

birthday 051

Sprinkle cookies (recipe from Averie Cooks) were in order, of course! Delicious and these taste just like funfetti cake!

But cookies are no substitute for a proper birthday cake, and this year I tried piping ombre pink rosettes
(3 colors of pink frosting, though it's hard to tell since this picture was taken at night): 


Harder than it looks to pipe these delicate flowers! But SO PRETTY!


3 layers of white cake inside, though I think I should combine the rosettes with the ombre green inside I made a few years ago, yes?!

Little goodies popped in throughout the day: this lovely sparkly Zoya nail polish from the boyfriend, and this
Audrey bag and pearl bracelet from his mom...

(oh such pretty, happy things!) 

Notecards, lipstick, flowers, a For the Makers subscription, pink champagne, and more.
These are just things, though, and really, I am so grateful to have amazing family
and friends who love me and support me.
That means more to me than any pretty little thing ever could.

And I always choose a birthday song, so this year's was, of course, Taylor Swift. I'm still obsessed
with the music video for Blank Space with its gorgeous costumes, scenes and imagery.
Just keep in mind it's a parody of what people say about Taylor,
and that no animals, actors, automobiles, trees, or anything else were harmed in the making of the video :)

Can we talk about the clothes for a sec? 
Vintage schoolgirl meets Town-and-Country meets Grace Kelly meets Taylor Swift and I am in loooooove. 

So there we have it, the birthday roundup! 
Now, into a new year!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love your skirt and your pink cake :] You did the piping by yourself!? Hope you had one of the best days yet :] xo

Natalie said...

Aw, thanks Stacey! I did do the frosting myself...harder than it looks, especially on the sides! :)

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

Happy (belated) birthday! I love that skirt. I love the pink hues. Glad that you had a good one. :) Still haven't seen this T-swift video... haha Though the CD was in my car for a good month or so after it came out. :) XO -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

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