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Monograms with Onecklace

{Thanksgiving Day}
items provided by onecklace for review 

When it comes to personalized gifts, it's pretty hard to beat anything that is literally personalized. I have a gold Onecklace monogram, but it was time to branch out and nab a silver one so I can wear them with more outfits. I also snagged a gold bar bracelet because the delicate nature of it is just so appealing to me these days. 

I wore the silver circle monogram for Thanksgiving with my tomato-and-mint colored outfit. Tomato and mint sounds like a food-thing more than a clothing-thing, but it's actually a J.Crew thing. A few years ago these colors were all the rage and they're back in the J.Crew catalog. The above photo is the ONLY one I have of my outfit, but that just means I was having a great day, right? 

The beauty in all her loveliness. I adore this monogram necklace and it's just perfect for accenting the necklines of fall and winter sweaters. It nestled nicely inside v-necks and pops off crew/turtleneck colors. 

The gold bar bracelet is a beaut, but I can't get the photos I took off my camera :( My only complaint with this bracelet is that the clasp is nearly impossible to do alone, so you will need a friend/roommate/boyfriend/husband/mom/etc. to help put this on. The good news is you probably won't be taking it off very often since it goes with everything and is nicely delicate. For some reason the idea of wearing a miniature "gold bar" makes me very pleased. 

The gold (what I got last year) or the silver circle monogram necklaces are a top pick for any lady in your life. Onecklace also sends all of your gifts nicely packaged and ready to gift. #boom #done

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